Coworking in Brooklyn


Over the last few years there has been an influx of coworking spaces popping up all across the nation, especially in New York City. As of late, it appears that they have finally made it over the bridge into Brooklyn, New York.

What are Coworking Spaces?

Coworking Spaces are open office spaces that have been created specifically to accommodate freelancers, home-based business owners, work from home professionals, sales executives and anyone who needs a work space while traveling.


Why use a Coworking Space?

A coworking space allows you to have a space to work out of and focus on your business. If you easily get distracted when you work from home or you’ve grown tired of working out of your local Starbucks, a coworking space may be just what you need. In my former role as project manager for a SaaS firm, I used a coworking space on the days that I was assigned to work from home and I found that I got so much more done.

Most of the coworking spaces I’ve been to have taken great care to design a space that promotes creativity and encourages productivity. FREE coffee stations, fully stocked kitchens, comfy meeting spaces and friendly staff are just some of the things that you are sure to find in these spaces.

So how does it work?

Most coworking spaces offer a variety of membership options. You can either sign up on an ad-hoc basis with a set number of days per month or you might opt for a permanent private space.

Where In Brooklyn?

There are a number of really cool coworking spaces growing in Brooklyn. Below is a list of 10 of our picks for women entrepreneurs.

1. wework {}

Dumbo Brooklyn – 81 Prospect Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Brooklyn Heights – 195 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Williamsburg – 240 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249

South Williamsburg – 109 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 1124

2. BrooklynWorks at 159 {}

Greenwood – 159 20th Street, #1B, Brooklyn,NY 11232

3. Brooklyn Desks {}

Bushwick – 49 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237

4. Brooklyn Creative League {}

Gowanus – 540 President Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11215

5. The Yard {}

Williamsburg – 33 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222


Gowanus – 68 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

7. Industrious Brooklyn {}

Pacific Park – 594 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238

8. the Compound Cowork {}

Prospect Park – 1120 Washington Avenue, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11225

9. Work Heights {}

Crown Heights – 650 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Crown Heights – 1037 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238

10. CoLab-Factory {}

14 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201

These are just a few of the many coworking spaces in Brooklyn. If you choose to sign up with any of the locations we’ve listed, let us know. We’d love to hear about your experience. Don’t forget to tell them “Boss Gals In Stilettos” sent you. {Disclaimer: NO, we did not receive any form of compensation for this article. All of the listed sites were carefully selected based on their membership plans, features and layout.}

Do you currently use a coworking space? Which one? What has been your experience?


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